Resident Services


Before moving into an affordable home, many of our neighbors are struggling with the basics – is there a roof over their heads? Will they be able to sleep at night? Can they eat? How can they ensure a safe and loving environment for their children?

Upon moving into an affordable home, those worries go away and a realization of a better life with new possibilities begins to open up. NVCH’s Resident Services Program is there to support the health and well-being of our residents.

In pre-COVID times, through the support of our Resident Services Team, our residents enjoyed in-person home visits, support groups, educational programs and training sessions, services research and referrals, advocacy, and assistance with resident committees and community events. Examples include healthy cooking, exercise, Help With Homework, and computer classes – nearly 1000 classes were offered each year at our eight Community Centers.

Our Team also worked with – and still does during COVID times – 100+ community organizations specializing in physical and mental health, legal & immigration expertise, and social services to connect our residents to the services they need.

Emergency services are now the priority in COVID times.

Our Resident Services Team is working on a record number of Rental Assistant Applications which require scanned ID’s, social security numbers, birth certificates for minors, pay stubs and bank statements from our residents. Once that documentation is secured, our Team is helping residents navigate the application process with Season of Sharing, Napa NEWS, Napa Valley Community Foundation and the California Coalition for Rural Housing to secure funding for rent.

Our Team is also managing increased calls for domestic violence, neighbor disputes and food insecurity. This is the reality when social isolation due to COVID is mandated or required. Through it all, our team patiently and expertly assist our residents and are re-building the traditional but soon-to-be virtual programs and classes.

Another aspect of our Resident Services Team is the Home Sharing Match-Up Program, click here for more information.