Our Work

We are a private non-profit 501(c)(3), agency, that develops attractive, well-built, serviceable housing, affordable to Napa County's low & moderate income residents. In that effort, we plan and build new housing, we purchase existing, run down properties and rehabilitate them, and we manage low-income rental units. We offer an array of amenities, including free WiFi. We also provide Resident Services to facilitate the development of resident associations and to help them access the health care, educational services, job training, and social services they need to improve their lives.

Since 1977 NVCH has built, alone or in partnership with others, over 600 new housing units and has supervised the rehabilitation of more than 200 additional units. These include, family apartments, cottages and townhomes, single room occupant dwellings, single family rental homes, self-help homes and townhomes and transitional housing. The agency has additional units in various stages of development or construction. The following is a listing of some of our properties.

Home Sharing Match Up Program

We are a local nonprofit that will facilitate safe home shares for homeowners with extra space in their home with renters who need an affordable place to live in Napa County.

For more information call: (707) 253-6157
Blanca Cervantes, Home Sharing Coordinator Email: Blanca@nvch.org  
Marlene Santiago, Director of Resident Services Email: Marlene@nvch.org  

Home Sharing Flyer - English

Home Sharing Flyer - Spanish

Home Sharing Frequesntly Asked Questions

Resident Services

In addition to providing affordable housing, as part of our agency's mission, we also seek to provide our residents with opportunities to grow, succeed and improve their quality of life as they participate in the community.

One of the ways that we accomplish this is by providing resident services. Marlene Santiago, our Vice President of Resident Services, along with Ivy Castillejos, Georgina Enriquez, Joseph Ramos, Wendy Argueta and Guadalupe Mendoza our Resident Services Coordinators, work endlessly to make sure our residents get the social services they need.

Resident Services

Resident Services focuses on the vulnerable NVCH residents by connecting them to available services and programs that can address thier needs. These include: home visits, coordinating events, support groups, educational programs and training sessions; research and referrals; advocacy; and assisting with tenant committees and community events.

Success Stories

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    A community working together can make everlasting changes. Maria Rosas, a resident at Napa Park Homes, was first encouraged to get her U.S. citizenship last year by one of NVCH’s Board Directors, Fabiola Osorio. Fabiola works at McPherson School where Maria’s small children attend. Our Resident Services Coordinators told Maria, "You can do it." We referred her to several nonprofits that could help her reach her goal, including Puertas Abiertas and Napa Adult School. Maria began to study—hard. She studied English as a Second Language and civics for the U.S. citizenship exam. She also attended a study group held weekly for residents at the Napa Park Homes Community Room. Maria encouraged her young adult daughter to join her in her venture. On September 10, 2014, both Maria and her daughter Nancy passed their examinations and interviews on the first attempt. When they took the Pledge of Allegiance in October, they became U.S. citizens.

    Maria said she was challenged throughout the process. Family, neighbors and friends cheered her on. “They said I could do it and I did!”

  • Luis Vallejo, an inspiring young man turned his life around with the help of his loving mother Ana and a caring community. Five years ago, Luis and his family were living in a small apartment in a gang-plagued neighborhood. Luis was skipping school, rebelling at home and eventually, he got in trouble with the law. When he was just 13, he ran away from home. Fortunately, he returned to live with his family when their application at one of NVCH's affordable housing communities was accepted. Moving into a safe neighborhood allowed Luis to escape the bad influences of his old neighborhood and get on a path towards a better future. With the help of Resident Services staff, Ana connected with resources such as parenting classes, counseling services and help navigating the court system. With this support and hard work, Luis was able get back on track at school and in June, he graduated from high school!

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    Martin works as a vineyard foreman for a local winery. He has three very young children. His wife, Teresa, has been out of work due to a job related injury, so making ends meet for the family on his modest salary and his wife's disability payments was a real struggle. They paid a hefty rent for a one bedroom apartment that was a long way from the children's school and had no playground. Their landlord neglected desperately needed repairs, and in spite of the crowded conditions, they felt this was all they could afford.

    Then came the news that a new affordable apartment development, WhistleStop Townhomes, was accepting applications. They applied and were accepted. Now, for a lower rent payment, they have a new, clean, two-bedroom apartment, where everything works and the children can play safely outdoors in a common playground. "With the savings on rent," Teresa says, "we can afford to buy clothes and other things we need."

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