About Us


The mission of Napa Valley Community Housing is to develop, preserve and manage affordable homes and, through our Resident Services Program, teach successful life and leadership skills.


The merger of two housing agencies – Housing Association for Napa Development (HAND, incorporated 1977) and Napa Valley Family Home (NVFH incorporated 1986) – created Napa Valley Community Housing (NVCH) in 1997.

For nearly half a century we’ve developed, acquired and rehabilitated over 900 apartments and homes and provided safe, attractive, clean and affordable homes to tens of thousands of Napa County residents. As a result, we provided the foundation of health, well-being and equity for Napa County’s citizens.

Additionally, NVCH played a lead role in the development and oversight of 3 Farmworker Housing Centers which house 180 workers per night. In 2002, we established the Von Brandt Family Center by transforming a single family home into a community center which provides services to our local residents and non-resident community members.

Presently, we manage 506 homes on 19 properties, with a resident population of nearly 1900 children, families, agricultural workers, seniors and veterans. Two of our properties are for supportive housing: one provides permanent housing for persons with mental disabilities (Madison Street) and the other provides transitional housing for persons who have successfully completed a substance abuse program (Parkwood Recovery Home). The remaining 17 properties are affordable housing for low-income residents, the VonBrandt Family Center and the NVCH office.

Our Resident Services Team provides classes for our residents and provides thousands of connections to nearly 100 Napa nonprofits in areas of health care, education, legal aid & job training.

NVCH’s Home Sharing program, started in 2015, matches qualified Home Seekers with Home Providers. It’s an affordable and safe solution for renters looking to rent rooms and homeowners with additional space. We provide the background credit and criminal checks, verify income and conduct lifestyle and follow-up interviews to ensure successful matches.